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The Ferrari BR20 is a two-seat, V12-engined one-off

Model was created for a longstanding client who was involved in every step of its creation

Ferrari has revealed its latest one-off model in the form of the BR20. Based on the GTC4Lusso platform, the BR20 is a two-seat coupe with a V12 engine. Assuming it’s the same unit found in the base car, it will have a power output of around 680bhp.

The BR20’s styling cues are said to come from some of the most iconic 12-cylinder models from Ferrari’s history, such as the 410 SA and 500 Superfast. The rear seats have been removed from the GTC4Lusso, while the bodywork has been extended so the BR20 is three inches longer. Ferrari says the increased cabin space gave it the freedom to create a unique exterior design.

This is most obvious in the pair of arches that run from the A-pillar to the rear spoiler. They have been hollowed out to create an aerodynamic channel, while the design is a modern homage to classic ‘flying buttress’ styling.

The cabin has been trimmed in carbon-fibre and two shades of brown leather, with the latter having an exclusive pattern and silver cross-stitching. The large cabin has a rear bench and luggage deck behind the front seats.

Photo: Supplied

Ferrari says the BR20 was created for a longstanding client who was involved in every step of the model’s creation. The car is part of the firm’s Special Projects programme that creates unique models based on a customer’s requirements. Each example takes more than a year from the initial proposal to production.