Sun, sand and sea tones applied here against a clean white palette with Islamic architectural motifs, decor from Sedar, available online through a newly launched e-commerce site

Create a festive ambience in your home this Ramadan

From traditional majlis styles to contemporary décor inspiration, you can arrange a serene setting at home during the Holy Month with these looks from Sedar Global

While we have been spending a lot of time at home in recent months, the spiritual month of Ramadan is a special time for reviving traditional routines. It is also the season to spend quality time in the home with loved ones.

From reimagining the majlis deeply entrenched in Arabic tradition, to mixing classic and contemporary designs to create an inviting living space, there are many ways to apply textiles and furnishings that encourage social connection and spiritual renewal.

Sedar Global’s Creative Director Nahel Selo offers some tips to consider when decorating for the Holy Month

Play with Textures

For an update to the conventional Majlis look back to the minimalism of Bedouin life. Step away from elaborate or ornate materials and instead focus on adding depth and warmth through playing with contrasting textiles and textures mixed with subtle metallic finishes or accessories.

Rustic or Khaleeji Interiors

For a more organic and modern majlis reflecting the city and desertscape of Dubai, take a rustic approach and work with muted tones and earthy colours using natural fabrics in terracotta and sandy whites. Paired with the richness of fading gold or brass, weathered wood and plants. For a classic Khaleeji creation, keep subtle influences inspired by Islamic and Levantine architecture and with materials such as silk, brocade, including classic embroidery designs.

This decor features contemporary tones and textiles from Sedar Global

Space Division

True to the heritage of a Majlis there should be creative space division so that if you have formal, low-seating arrangements in a certain area adding elements such as ottoman or poufs can create more of a circular and social environment for the family.

Nothing subtle about the abundance of golden options to add some dazzle to your decor from Sedar

Go For Gold

For a memorable Iftar, mix up interiors with traditional flashes of gold or brass contrasted with turquoise, royal blues or dusky pinks, this can be through wallpaper panels, threads and details used for pillows and drapes. Or to create a show stopping table setting even the cutlery or table accessories. Work with mirrors, reflective surfaces and lights to illuminate your gold hues and produce a special ambience. Selo comments “adding metallics, specifically gold and brass is not only a nod to tradition but also essential to create the festive mood, for 2020 work with worn away brass or golds to give an earthy and contemporary finish.”