The importance of good lighting cannot be overemphasised.

Guess what’s cooking in the kitchen

The most brightly-lit and storage friendly space in your home can double up as the best place to do your office work in, suggests Niyati Raj.

The shades are drawn. The tube lights are shining bright. The only sounds that can be heard are the soft clicks of the laptop keys and the printer’s hum. There are 2-3 cups of coffee right next to your monitor while your mobile lights up every 5 minutes when messages pop in from your boss and colleagues. You look at the clock and realize it is way past your work shift time but you just can’t seem to stop and log out.  

As you walk dejectedly to the kitchen, ready to fill out yet another cup of coffee and perhaps microwave some leftovers from the previous night, you take a good look around and suddenly, a creative idea pops into your head. Would it make sense to set up your work space in the kitchen? Would it make you more productive? Would it help balance work and family life perfectly? 

The answer is yes, yes and yes.

A kitchen may seem like just another room in your house whose sole purpose is to provide you with an area to display your culinary skills. But it can be much more than that. Apart from hosting family and close friends for a bite or a chat, the most interesting and creative thing about a kitchen is that it can be converted to a work station in a jiffy. 

Given the present scenario where a majority of us are forced to work from home, many of us yearn to have our own study room or an area in our house devoted to doing our office work. But what if that’s not always possible? 

Many of us who work at home find it difficult to log off at the end of the day simply because the place where we work and relax are the same – usually the hall or bedroom. One way to help us clock out on time is to convert our kitchen space into a sort of a make-shift office. That way, once we log out from work, we can head to our hall or bedroom and relax easily as it is different from the area where we work. That would be like returning home from work in an office. 

To help you along, one of UK’s top kitchen retailers, Wren Kitchens, offers tips to not only help convert your kitchen into a comfortable work station but also help improve your productivity while helping you juggle work and personal life.   

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Light It Up

The importance of good lighting cannot be overemphasised. Spotlights, in particular, play a role in helping people become more energized and productive as it helps illuminate the kitchen counter and the food that is to be cooked. A report by Wren Kitchens reveals that people are more energised to work under spotlights because those areas are brighter. This supports the idea that it’s best to set up shop either at a kitchen island or kitchen table.

Another One fights the Dust

Keeping your table tops and work area in the kitchen spick and span and clutter free will help you feel mentally and physically at ease. A spotlessly clean kitchen will also give some space to work in comfortably and offer you a clearer mind to function better.  

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Change is the Key

Depending on the size of your kitchen you can treat it as a versatile room in your house. Once you have cleared up and kept away the dishes and utensils to where they belong, you can convert the kitchen to a place where you can do your office work. 

Remember, it has tonnes of storage space and plenty of lighting as it’s usually the most well-lit room in the house. When working from home, you can use all these conveniences to truly optimise your space to create a functional working environment.

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Be creative with your kitchen space, for example you can use the tiles and cupboards as whiteboards to put up post-it notes to remind you about meetings or, if you’re struggling with your posture, create your own standing desk by utilising the kitchen work tops.   

You can always take that down at the end of the day and go back to putting up the doodles or hand made cards of grocery list that make your kitchen what it is.

And the best part? You don’t need to walk far for a cuppa.