Courtesy IKEA

These home interior design ideas will add wow to your space

Want to give your living room a new look, but don’t know where to start? Industry experts offer tips and advice on how to add some wow to your space, allowing it to reflect your personality as well, says Mrinal Shekar

Timeless appeal

Sometimes your travel inspires you and on other occasions, the phase your life is in guides your sense of aesthetics. This moody European style stands out for its royal appeal. So it’s important that you work out the outline of the story you want to tell before you flesh it out. Once you’ve picked the statement piece, decide on the colour palette and the design style. Classic or contemporary, rustic or rich, ensure harmony is established either through colour or via shape.

P.S. You can never go wrong with white and with glass. Both help in lending elegance to the room.

Blue wave


With the weather outside showing signs of cooling down, it’s time to get fall ready. The designers at premium décor brand Interiors suggest rich shades, bold prints and warm tones to keep the home warm and welcoming.

A strong but classic blue, 2020’s Pantone Colour of the Year, is still very much at the top of the style stakes.

Work the shade into any space with accessories featuring the colour palette. Cushions with bold prints, ombre lamps and classic artworks are just a few of the ways blue can make a splash in the room.

Weaving in minimalism

Home Centre

This Scandinavian style, say Home Centre experts, works perfectly for those of you who are overwhelmed by the idea of décor. The laid-back yet elegant Nordic-inspired collection makes itself at home in any size of space.

To recreate this look, start with a foundation of neutral walls, anchored by simple yet stylish furniture. Then build it up helped by quirky accessories – mirrors, lamps and wall art, always displayed with a little Scandi flair and originality. When it comes to floors, don’t be afraid to overlap rugs and of course for a hug that only hygge can give, don’t spare the throws, cushions and squashy footrests. Who said comfy cannot be chic?

Dark night rises


Don’t be afraid of the dark. This shade of grey for instance, in the popular traditional style, is as versatile as you would like it to be, says Lemya Osman, regional communications and interior design manager, IKEA. Inspired by the English countryside and romantic Parisian, its beauty lies in the details.

To create this look, opt for wooden or tiled flooring and keep the walls and panels in dark colours. To add brightness, complement it with white for some relief or any bold colour of your choice. How, you ask? That’s the advantage of upholstered furniture.

Yes, the sofa cover can be changed so it takes just minutes to give your room a fresh look. Plus, the neutral colour of the carpet and the classic shapes of the bookshelf, the display cabinet and the floor reading lamp, allow you to experiment without any worry of breaking design rules.

For a warm, cosy and casual feel, use a blend of textures and weights of textiles, suggests Lamya. Velvet, rough cotton and wool are perfect examples.

Gilt-y pleasure


You can never go wrong with classic, say the experts at Danube Home. What’s more, this classic style offers plenty of room for updates as and when you desire. The chandelier, for instance, does not fit in the classic stencil but works well here adding a contemporary touch to an otherwise stately appearance. For added glamour, add a touch of gold; it’s a foolproof way to elevate the opulence quotient to your abode. If you think you’ll have to sacrifice comfort to achieve this beautiful look, you can’t be more wrong. Notice the recliner on the left – perfect for Netflix marathons.

Blue and beautiful


Classic blue is the Pantone Colour of the Year. So don’t be scared to make it the focal point of your living room. That does not mean the rest of the room has to be boring. From clean geometric designs – the quirky coffee table in this case – to the monochromatic palette of the wall art, each piece can be eye catching. The good thing, experts at Homebox say, you can take your time building this look. Choose pieces that have clean lines and a timeless appeal. To break the monotony add a piece that does not fit in. The curvy lamp, for example, makes for an interesting conversation starter.