Raghad Saddam Hussein remembers slain father 15 years on

Raghad Saddam Hussein remembers slain father 15 years on

Saddam Hussein’s daughter has marked 15 years since her father was executed by calling on Iraqis to unite and come to terms with the changes in the Arab world.

Sitting in front of a portrait of her slain father, Raghad Saddam Hussein said it was time for Iraqis to forgive one another regardless of sect or background, “even those who made mistakes.”

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In an interview with Al Arabiya earlier this year, Hussein said Iran deemed Iraq “free for taking” due to an absence of real and legitimate authorities.

In her latest speech, she said Iraq should not side with an Arab side over another Arab. “We will urge them to avoid disagreements and conflicts amongst each other because their strength is our strength,” she said in a recorded message.

Hussein, who has not ruled out a future in Iraqi politics, said the only Iraqis who should not forgive others are the parents of the “October Revolution” victims. She was referring to the protesters that were shot, beaten and killed by Iraqi security forces or Iran-backed militias.

She said the victims were referred to as “food for the fish.”

“Iraqis will not accept these people, and they will push them out, despite all the support they receive, and despite all the pressure put on Iraq. The final word will be yours, you Iraqi heroes,” Hussein said, in an apparent reference to the pro-Iran militias in Iraq.

Saddam Hussein was hanged in Baghdad for crimes against humanity.

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