City Hospital's Covid-19 positive patients will be transferred to other facilities

City Hospital Dubai becomes Non Covid-19 facility

One of the city’s most established birth hospitals will no longer admit patients with Covid-19

Mediclinic City Hospital, one of Dubai’s most established birth hospitals, delivering around 2,000 babies in Dubai every year, has announced it is now no longer admitting Covid-19 patients and has transferred all existing Covid-19 inpatients to other hospitals in its network of seven Mediclinic Middle East hospitals in the UAE. 

“Whilst the stringent safety precautions in place at the hospital mean that the risk of transmission of Covid-19 between patients is extremely minimal, as an advanced tertiary level facility providing care for particularly vulnerable patients such as cancer sufferers and transplant patients, this decision was made to give patients such as these complete peace of mind,” said a spokesperson for Mediclinic Middle East. 

The Dubai Healthcare City Authority has issued a certificate of satisfactory completion of Mediclinic City Hospital’s conversion to a non Covid-19 ‘clean’ facility to allow continuity of care for patients with non-Covid conditions.

Although Covid-19 may still be identified in patients who visit the Emergency or Outpatient departments, these patients will be triaged, isolated and immediately transferred to other units.  The Emergency department has two separate pathways, one for patients with respiratory symptoms and a second for trauma and other emergency cases.

“Strict precautions are in place throughout the hospital including spacing of appointments to allow for consultation room sanitisation, social distancing measures in all areas including waiting rooms and elevators, temperature checks at points of entrance for all staff, patients and visitors, hand sanitiser availability, and appropriate PPE for staff and patients,” added the spokesperson.

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