Lose the lockdown kilos

Lose the lockdown kilos with a programme for mind and body

This psychologist-designed programme combines therapy with nutrition and exercise to reset your emotional eating

 If quarantine has seen your relationship with food spiraling out of control along with the scales then you are certainly not alone.  But a new UAE programme created by the psychologists at Thrive Wellbeing Centre combines psychotherapy with nutrition support and group exercise classes to help you transform your eating habit.

 “Connecting Body, Mind and Appetite” is a pregnancy and postnatal-friendly six-week programme, which starts on Monday June 7, and gives access to the expertise of one Thrive Wellbeing Centre’s psychologists, Mina Shafik (M.A.), together with dietician and personal trainer, Baraa El Sabbagh.

The creators of the programme believe that by the end of it you will have lost excess fat, improved your muscle mass by around 20%, understand what to eat every day for effective weight loss, and feel more empowered when it comes to eating choices. The programme is broken down into the following:

Therapy – individual weekly sessions to discuss your long-term goals, overcome barriers to meeting your goals, and adopt it as a lifestyle (50 minutes x 6 sessions).

Nutrition – three individual sessions to help you choose, track, and adjust your diet. Baraa will customize your meal plan, answering all of your questions about weight management, and give you the best tools to feel satisfied and comfortable. The first session will take place at the start of the program, followed by another session after the 3rd week, and a final session when the program has ended (week 6; 20 minutes x 3 sessions)).

Exercise – four live group sessions per week for four weeks (personalized program for last two weeks; 16 hours of live workouts and 8-10 workout program). There is a private instagram account that only members who sign up to will have access to in order to access the workouts, which will be at 12pm Dubai time.

The total price for 16 live exercise classes, a two-week personalized exercise program, three individual 20-minute nutrition consultations, and six 50-minute individual therapy sessions is Dh4,500, reduced from the normal fee of Dh6,000. For more information on the programme or to arrange an appointment visit the Thrive website.

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